sabato 23 ottobre 2010

Marvellous (Super Expensive/Insane) Shopping

Well, this post is a about you, dear friend, who think spending 6000€ for a bag isn't so bad .. (well, if the bag in question is a Hermés of course!!).
If you can think big, this post can help you or your friend, to find the perfect gift for Christmas .. that's my wish list (everything from
Chloé Silk-satin ruffle skirt dress €2,727
Valentino Crystal-embellished feather clutch €2,750 (.. masterpiece)

Valentino Studded patent-leather pumps €692.93 (actually I prefer the flat version..)

♥ Anna Dello Russo ♥

Japanese Vogue fashion director gets more famous by the day. And good for her, because this is a woman who has worked very hard for decades to succeed in this industry. She's also been working hard her whole life to look like a fashion person, which not all fashion people do. Few do it better than her, and she proves in W's November issue that it's not just about having the means to amass 4,000 pairs of designer shoes and a separate apartment for clothes alone, but also about fearless devotion to personal styling at any costs.
I'm totally in love wit Anna Dello Russo, she is absolutly unique!!!!
Now she has even a blog:

Lanvin for H&M

A second skimpy look at Lanvin's H&M collection is out. This image from the campaign reveals floral dresses, leopard shoes, and ... the shopping bag!
The full line includes clothes, jewelry, hats, shades, shoes, and lipstick, and arrives in 200 H&M stores on November 23.
Images of the full line come out online on November 2, and the festivities continue with a "Lanvin loves H&M" fashion show in New York at the Pierre Hotel on November 19.
If you haul ass to Las Vegas on November 20, you can buy the line three days earlier than everyone else when it goes on sale at the opening party for the new H&M store at the Forum Shops in Caesars. It's actually, legitimately, not a bad reason to go to Vegas.
You'd probably still save money as opposed to buying real Lanvin, when all is said and done. (from The Cut)