mercoledì 18 agosto 2010

J'aime Mon Carré by Hermès

Finally even the most classic and luxury brand, Hermès (which I love), has landed on the street style world!! With this site the french maison decide to address to the younger consumers,
with a lot of pictures of "cool guys" (models styled by Fran Burns) that from London, Paris, NY and Tokyo show off the billion ways to use one of the Hermès key-pieces, the classic scarf (carré) and there are instruction about how to knot and how to wear it too (very useful)!!!
Well, I'm not a "cool guy/wants to look cheap wearing super expensive things" fan and I love the snobby mood that Hermès keeps so far but .. I actually like this project anyway, because .. J'aime Mon Carré !!! :)
Pics: Matt Irwin/Hermes for DisneyRollerGirl

mercoledì 4 agosto 2010

(Never) Judge a Book by Its Cover

How I love BOOK CLUTCHES!!!!!!!! Olympia Le-Tan makes her deliciously literary clutch bags in the shapes of first edition novels and now Kate Spade follow her with a very nice collection.
Which is your favourite???
I personally prefer the "classic" Olympia ones but I really think that even the Kate Spade one are super cute and in addition .. a most affordable price!!!